Dutton Consulting provides organizational consulting services in the areas of human resources, project management, volunteer management, website content development and social media marketing. Christine Dutton's experience, understanding and consulting work has been in a variety of industries. Sample industries include: employment services, non-profits, small business, co-operatives, wholesale food and restaurant businesses.


The goal of Dutton Consulting is assist organizations in growing their capacity through development of new programs and initiatives, and through auditing of current practices. Christine Dutton is also available for short-term projects to expand current availability through regular staffing. 


One of Christine's strongest characteristics is listening to clients and uncovering their needs. It is important to not only meet a customers needs, but to look at an organizations needs holistically. You can count on Christine to bring creative solutions and to provide advisement in surprising areas. Expect excellent communication, follow-through, documentation and reporting throughout projects and long-term contracts. You'll also be pleased to work with someone who is flexible, cognizant of your challenges and resources and easy to work with. We hope you will consider working with Dutton Consulting! 



Provide services to develop Human Resources programs, to include: creation and development of volunteer management and staff appreciation programs


● Manage employee wellness programs including development of employee wellness initiatives and providing on-site wellness education opportunities


● Develop and implement wellness initiatives for human services clients


● Human resources consulting to include policy development, advisement on managing employee relations and conflict resolution, and performance management


● Work with organizations to develop robust recruitment and talent management programs 


● Create, launch and provide reporting for employee satisfaction surveys


● Provide advisement on web-based marketing to include website development, social media and e-news marketing programs. Review and make recommendations on website visual design and content. Develop content for web presence. Facilitate the development of social media marketing strategies. Provide outsourced social media services for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media platforms.